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Extreme Shock
Fang Face
Pistol Ammunition
Links Page
Please see below for available Fang Face Rounds.  These rounds are no longer in then it is
no longer available.  
Click here to go back to the Extreme Shock Pistol ammunition page.  
There you can purchase the replacement round for the Fang Face, which we call the EPR
round, or Enhanced Penetration Round!  
Limited quantities...Some items may no longer be available.  If
that is the case, we will contact you to substitute with a different round, or issue a refund.  
The Extreme Shock Explosive-Entry, Fang Face round is a hollow-point ammunition that acts like frangible ammo upon contact
of soft, organic targets.  A technological advance over standard, lead-core hollow points, the Extreme Shock Fang Face round
has the same penetration ability through interior walls as a standard lead-core bullet, yet will disintegrate rapidly upon contact
with soft, organic targets.  96% of the energy of a Fang Face round will be expended within the first 7 inches!  Extreme Shock
Fang Face rounds have the same recoil, accuracy and range as a standard, lead-core bullet.  All Extreme Shock rounds comply
with appropriate Department of Justice ballistic vest requirements for pistol calibers.  
Please note:  All sales made in accordance with all laws and regulations of your state, county and
city ordinances.  Please check all local laws before ordering ammunition.  You must be 18 years or
older to purchase rifle ammunition, and 21 years or older to purchase pistol ammunition.   
Available Fang Face Rounds:
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